Nature Connections Exhibition 2016

Part of the University of Derby nature Connections Exhibition looking at hw we respond to nature. A collection of ipad paintings, created in 30min or less during my lunchbreak, with the final pieces printed and displayed and the digital process for each image shown on a loop.    

Live Digital Painting: QUAD Fighters

Participants took photos of themselves in fighting poses which were then digitally incorporated together into a final painted image while tey watched the process. I used a projector, photoshop and a wacom tablet for this piece, for more information please read my blog post here.

Nottingham Museum: Digital Take over day 2015

I created a live digital painting performance in response to the effect digital touch ups have on identity but slowly obscuring the image until it became inhuman. I also created some digital sketches of other performing artists.

Kedleston Hall in watercolour

Kedeston hall, Derbyshire architectural studies in watercolour using a limited palette. For information of how I use digital media to plan a piece, please go here.  

Calke Abbey

Illustrated portrait of Calke Abbey. Supporting work looking at the large collection of taxidermy animals each generation collected, creating wooden tiles of each along with a portrait of Vauncey Harpur-Crewe.

Glasgow Glue Factory Residency

  Collaborative work with artist Nick Askew to create a mural for a literacy festival, inspired by selected poems and the divide between the old and new areas of Edinburgh.